About Me

I have been giving yoga classes since 2006 and have a published yoga DVD in Turkey with the leading yoga studio Cihangir Yoga in 2013. The DVD is called “Yoga for Everyone: Foundations of Yoga with Zeynep Çelen” and has been distributed all around Turkey.

I work closely with the world renowned yoga teacher Erich Schiffmann and assist him regularly. I also work with several OSHO therapists on personal development and meditation and my trainings are also a part of the 300 Hour Advanced Training Certification administered by the yoga school Advayta Yoga in Turkey.

My daily classes include yoga poses that strengthen and stretch the body while raising proprioceptive body awareness. They focus on making the practitioner aware of and free of the habitual tension patterns manifested and present in the body, hence the mind. My classes also include short talks that relate yoga to daily life as well as a meditation practice that is an integral part of yoga.

For me, yoga is an intimate practice and requires communication and commitment both on the teacher and the student end. That’s why I prefer to teach to small groups in repetitive sessions.

Besides Teaching Yoga;

Currently, I am studying my second Master’s degree at the University of Geneva in the field of Neuroscience. Yoga and science are very interrelated and I aim to study the effects of meditation on the nervous system.

I have worked many years at an NGO called the Bugday Association for Ecological Livelihood and have been on a national TV channel for 6 months, showing practical ways of making your life more ecologically friendly. I also have co-hosted a radio show on Open Radio in Istanbul dealing with environmental issues called Tohumdan Hasada Ekolojik Yaşam (Ecological Life from Seeds to Reap).