200 Hr Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified

Maximum 25 students will be admitted.

My aim in this training is to present yoga, and the techniques of teaching yoga in a secular, modern, practical, logical and scientific way. During the training, I like focusing on exercises that develop personal awareness and sensitivity as well as attaining knowledge about yoga. Attendees of this training who successfully complete it, become skilled and well equipped teachers, both with technical knowledge about yoga and with centered sensitivity towards their students. They are able to give beginner and intermediate level classes, focused on developing sensitivity and awareness in the body as well as strengthening and relaxing it. Their classes include different techniques of meditation, breath work and yoga asana series.

The technical base of this training is freedom style yoga which is the style I have learnt from my teacher Erich Schiffmann, whom I have been working many years together with. The yoga philosophy is studied with a secular point of view, yoga poses and series are analysed with logical and scientific reasoning. There are somatic movement sessions that allow the attendees to develop their core and proprioceptive awareness. This training opens space for both physical and psychological transformation for the attendees, which are crucial for becoming a good yoga teacher.

Teacher Trainees spend around 155 hours with me directly and 15 hours of Gross and Subtle Anatomy Training with Asu Somer who is an anatomy and yin yoga expert. The rest of the hours are teaching, assisting and homework sessions.

Contents of the training
  • Yoga History
  • Yoga Philosophy (focused on Advaita Vedanta)
  • Yoga Anatomy  (Western Anatomy-gross anatomy, Eastern Anatomy- subtle anatomy)
  • Basic meditation techniques
  • Basic breathing techniques
  • Yoga class sequencing (regarding different levels and and needs)
  • Teaching skills
  • Teacher-student relationship
  • Body awareness
  • Somatic psychology
  • Yoga and meditation from a neuroscientific perspective
  • What you need to know about teaching privates, working in a studio and working independently




  • 2017 training dates will be announced soon.

Retreat is one of the most important parts of the training. We work together in an eco-farm for 6 consecutive days. This precious time being in nature, being away from technology and busy cities, allows us to share and internalise the experience yoga.

  • The price includes the yoga training sessions during the retreat.

  • It does not include accommodation and travel.

Class Hours
  • 09.00-18.00

Training Fee
  • The fee for 2017 training will be announced soon.

  • The location of the 2017 training will be announced soon.

  • Those who complete the training successfully receive a 200 Hour Teacher Training Certificate registered with Yoga Alliance.
What happens after the training?
  • Graduates give private or public group classes and/or work in yoga studios.

  • You can also assist me in my next training and receive a 150 Hour advanced training certificate.

  • You can further advance yourself with my 50 Hour Advanced Training.

  • You can also attend to internship programs of yoga studios to practice and advance your teaching skills.

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